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Herbalism Aloe & Rose Face & Body Wash Moisturizing Organic Face Wash for Sensitive/Dry Skin- Anti-Bacterial Aloe Vera Body Wash with Refreshing Scent for All Skin Types Prevents Pimples 300ML

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For Dry Skin, All Types of Skin
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Natural aloe vera & rose face & body wash – Ditch expensive chemical-packed soaps and face washes when you can use HERBALISM aloe vera and rose face and long lasting fragrance body wash that not only moisturizes but also thoroughly cleanses skin. 
 Refreshing scent with moisturization – Aloe vera organic face wash ensures deep moisturization and hydration while cleansing the skin. Rose adds refreshing and long-lasting scent while keeping face and body hydrated. A combination that produces instant results. 
 Aloe vera: A tried & tested skin moisturizer – Unlike other soaps and body washes, Herbalism aloe vera gel face wash has 100% natural aloe vera extract that seeps deeper into the skin layers and provides much needed hydration & moisturization. Removes excessive oil, prevents pimples, controls sebum production, combats acne, and eliminates acne scars.
 Goodness of roses for all skins – Rose oil has variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants making it ideal for tackling dryness, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. Helps diminish wrinkles, redness, deep cleans pores, and leaves youthful looking skin. ideal for all skin types!
 Natural, Vegan, GMO, & Gluten free – Herbalism aloe Vera and rose body and face wash is free from alcohol, GMO, Gluten, and contains 100% natural ingredients. Cruelty-free body wash liquid leaves you feeling refreshed and sensational all day long.

INGREDIENTS:  Aloe Vera, Rose Extract, Coconut Oil

BENEFITS: Aloe Vera with its skin-reviving properties hydrates dry skin helps prevent pimples.

Customer Reviews

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100% organic

Nice fragrance and not to frothing which makes a good delicate body wash

Natural ingredients

I'm a big fan of natural ingredients and this creamy body wash with a lovely fragrance is my favorite. I use it daily and my skin feels so soft and smooth.

I love the smell

I use it in the shower, I love the smell. It smells great, has a great lather and leaves my skin smooth and soft.

Works great on body tan

I just love this product!!! Works best for sensitive skin.

The best product I have ever used

Very convenient face wash, and one of the mildest face washes out there! Go for it guys if you like gentle cleansers that doesn’t strip off your face after washing. You can also use this in your night time regime to get clean and soft skin before bed!


Use on daily basis to cleanse face, remove makeup, remove dirt and pollutants after a long day, and thoroughly clean skin while its anti-bacterial properties ensure no acne or pimples take over your smooth skin.

Face wash seeps into pores and removes sebum, bacteria, and dirt leaving super-smooth and cleansed skin all day long.


Aloe vera with its skin-reviving properties hydrates skin helps prevent pimples, eliminates acne scars, and fights aging.

Vitamin A & C, antioxidants, and minerals in aloe vera face wash help with redness, sunburns, stimulates skin to produce elastin and collagen to combat signs of aging and wrinkles.

Rose extract not only naturally makes body wash fragrant but also locks moisture in skin, softens dry and rough skin, vitamin C in rose extract leaves skin glowing and super soft.

Coconut oil not only breaks down makeup and thoroughly removes but its anti-bacterial properties ensure supple acne & pimple-free skin.

All skin types
Perfect for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin, combination skin, and dry or rough skin. Be it eczema, dermatitis, or other skin issues you can definitely use this 100% natural face and body wash as it has no harsh chemicals or reactive substances. A mild face wash for sensitive skin!

Vegan gluten-free

Free of gluten, artificial fragrances, GMO, and cruelty-free product for your skin to be used on daily basis.

Designed to be mild and vegan with no harsh chemicals so that people suffering from skin problems can also use face & body wash without any worry.

Herbalism Aloe & Rose Face & Body Wash Moisturizing Organic Face Wash for Sensitive/Dry Skin- Anti-Bacterial Aloe Vera Body Wash with Refreshing Scent for All Skin Types Prevents Pimples 300ML
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